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Charter & Stated Goals
of the

1. The Ford Galaxie Club of America is an association of Galaxie owners dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Galaxie passenger automobiles built by the Ford Motor Company from the years 1959 to 1974.
2. The main goal of the Ford Galaxie Club of America is to unite 1959 to 1974 Galaxie owners the world over; and to preserve the name Galaxie and its association as one of the first muscle cars of the 60's in perpetuity.
3. To help promote the growth of the Ford Galaxie Club of America in its entirety.
4. Members will receive a membership card, decal, window card and a bi-monthly subscription to the 40 page Galaxie Gazette as well as all free benefits currently available, (more being added all the time) for the annual membership of $40.00, (magazine sent standard A flats) and $40.00 for Canadian members and $55.00 for all other countries. (US FUNDS ONLY) We also have an electronic membership available for the cost of $25 for United States, Overseas and Canadian members. We will make the effort to keep you posted on all Ford car shows, related events and Galaxie related items through the magazine, website or by SASE. Understand that when you join, you are doing so for the publication. See membership terms and conditions.
5. Members are encouraged to participate in the club. This is OUR club, we must grow to survive. Any suggestions and volunteers to the technical committee are always welcome.

The Goals of the Club are to build membership so we can have a monthly MAGAZINE VS newsletter or bi-monthly magazine.
To start a book and video lending library.
To maintain a data base for parts available to and from members.
To maintain a Web site on the Internet for member information.
To maintain a parts location service for members.
To maintain a technical information service with the stated goal of having an expert technical volunteer for each and every year of the Galaxie automobiles.
To maintain free classifieds for members (3 times a year ) up to 50 words after that it is 10.00 for 50 words and .15 for each word there after.
To maintain the association to help each other with our projects through the use of an available membership registry.
To let members know of shows and rallies throughout the nation through SASE & the magazine.
To help members communicate with each other for the purpose of maintaining and restoring the old Galaxie Automobiles which are a symbol of America's past of prosperity.

This club is operated by the Director with the occasional aid of steering committee members as needed. To be a steering committee member you can volunteer as a current member or you are automatically made one by joining the club with a life membership. The list of current steering committee members can be viewed on the members only page.

For your information: This club is an association of private members. Approximately 3/5 of the club dues go to pay for the magazine, postage and other club related items. The remainder is used to pay a salary to the Director to help cover the cost of 20-30 hours per week labor running the club and doing club related activities. The club is operated as a service to members. We will make every effort to continue to increase benefits to make the joy of owning an antique Galaxie easier to reach.

No one is denied membership in this club due to national origin, race, creed, sexual preference or religion.

Founded in 1983 by Bill & Pat Barber
Mark Reynolds, Director

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