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Testimonials from some of our members...

I don't own a Galaxie (yet) but thanks to the Ford Galaxie Club of America I know that when the right one comes my way, I'll be ready. Buying older cars can be a real gamble, but by knowing the "problem areas", the hard to find parts to check out and having a whole host of repair and DIY articles at my fingertips, I'm confident that I'll find the perfect Galaxie for me. As a professional window tinter, I plan on making it my company display vehicle! It's also very encouraging to read over the other testimonials and know that the club has my back should I have any problems with vendors or insurance claims and the like. Thanks F.G.C.o.A.!
Sincerely, Whitney S., Auto Window Tinting

...I just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts with the publication. I can't tell how many times it has motivated me and encouraged me to keep going and not give up. A restoration on a 40 plus year old car is a real challenge. Especially when you didn't have the resources or the know how at your fingertips. The technical information, the where to look, how to look, what to look for and what to look out for was simply priceless. Man, I'll tell you-you saved me thousands of dollars and many hours of labor by preventing major screw ups. My membership was an enormous benefit to me. I just can't say enough. Thanks to everyone and I hope to see you at the Nationals. This guy is coming and I'm bringing my two favorite Gals with me. See you there!
Roy Arnold. - Collins, MS

...I must say the best news about receiving my Galaxie magazine was the joy I got reading cover to cover. One thing among many things the magazine does for me is give me knowledge about my Galaxie I would never have. Thanks for everything.
Russell H.

...The members of this club could not put all their knowledge of Galaxies in one book. It would take volumes. When a person joins this club, they no longer have to spend $150.00 a year on magazines to get Galaxie information. The on-line help is priceless. Thanks
Don Novak #1350  63½ Galaxie 500

About 4/5 years ago I ordered some material to redo an interior for a 1960 Starliner from S.M. S. Interiors. The material came and I wasn't happy with it and sent it back for a refund. Unfortunately it never came and a couple of years ago I gave up on seeing my money. Now for "The Rest of the Story". Mark Reynolds, Director of the Ford Galaxie Club of America heard of my dilemma. Mark took the initiative to contact S.M. S. Interiors and tell them of my disappointing experience. He then contacted me and said S.M.S. would be contacting me. "Yeah Sure" I thought. Well miracles do happen, Doug from S.M. S. E-mailed me and asked for an explanation of what happened 4/5 years ago. I told him what happened and he agreed to refund my $225.00 in full to clear the air. I was thrilled and asked him to instead send me a letter giving me a $225.00 credit to use for future purchases instead of the cash. Recently the letter arrived issuing a $225.00 credit. SMS didn't have to do this but choose to do it based solely on my word. This would have never been possible without the club director's input. IT PAYS TO BE A MEMBER OF THE F.G.C.o.A. It paid so well that I have decided to be come a Life Member.
Thanks again to the F.G.C.o.A. Special thanks you to Doug at SMS Interior for being an honest and fair business person.
(The late) Dennis Lempicki

I thought I'd write you and let you know how pleased I am to be a member of the Galaxie Club of America. I purchased a 1963 Galaxie 500 XL convertible that I had come across over 4 years ago. The former owner finally decided to sell it and at that time, I also had the money. He had performed the basic repairs and had new interior and a new top installed. I was in desperate need of parts and through the club and other members, I was not only able to find the miscellaneous parts I needed, but also sound advice. Some of the items were not available anywhere and I was running out of leads when you sent me the "sample" news-letter and application. I found helpful honest members and reliable business owners that were easily accessible. Well, I'm almost finished now with the basic restoration and will start on some of the more extensive work like a new engine. But, for now at least I have all the difficult small parts.
Mitch Medler, San Diego, California

..special thanks to member Gregg Prokop in Kirkland, WA who sold me a radiator support that was exactly as described. I had bought another (sight unseen) from a salvage yard in Kansas city that was actually in worse shape than the original. I would strongly suggest that members use the club to find those missing parts that are driving them crazy. When I finish my project, I plan on listing all the excess parts that I have accumulated in the newsletter for free to members that can use them to finish their projects.
Dennis Ponder, Sikeston, Missouri

I was involved in a collision that totalled my '62 Galaxie 500-XL. I was totally disgusted with the other parties insurance company offer of $1,200 for my $16,000 car. After contacting the Ford Galaxie Club of America who sent the other guy's insurance company a letter showing in detail the value of my car from several sources, I am happy to say that the guy who smashed my cars (who by the way WAS at fault and WAS charged with the accident) insurance company actually sent me a check for $16,500! Special thanks to the F.G.C.o.A. for saving the day! Now I can afford to purchase another Galaxie and as long as I am a member of this club, I will feel safe while driving it! Oh, and this time I will get collectors insurance to be double safe.
Michael Ryan, Ocala, Florida

...This last year went by fast. I sure would like to see the Gazette come around every month. I really enjoy reading it.
Elmer S.

...While the cruise-in's I hear are nice (haven't ventured to Branson yet - but traveled a lot with my Gal, even into Canada), to me the real advantage of joining a club like this is the opportunity to network with many people who know a LOT more about my old Galaxie than I do. That collective institutional knowledge you can't find at your local cruise-in, or even down at the corner Ford dealership anymore, as most of the shop techs were born long after the last Galaxie rolled down one of Henry's assembly lines.
We do appreciate all you do for us Mark -
John & Tina Schmidt, Kent, Ohio

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